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A category with no products returns all products. 
S. Bob
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Joined:  2008-04-18

I have been working with Magento for several months getting our site up and running. We are in the process of adding products and just about ready to open, however we now have this issue on the production site that doesn’t exist on our development site.

One of the main categories has no product in it but has four sub-categories with a few products in them. When the main category is selected from the navbar ALL products are returned. I have checked all settings in the admin and compared them with what’s in the development server and they are identical. According to what is configured only several products in the sub-categories should be returned when the main category is selected, just as our development site does. I’ve done some digging and it seems to be related to the product collection objects and functions in the core code (I think), I just haven’t found exactly where the issue is coming from, or maybe I’m not looking in the right places.

I’ve worked with a number of web technologies and languages over the years but am fairly new to PHP.  I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to track down this issue.


Update: I have worked around the issue but do not consider it resolved. I renamed the category, created a new one with the exact same settings, moved the sub-categories, and all works as it should now.  I would still like to know what may have caused the issue if anyone has an idea.

Magento ver. 1.1.6

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