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Ogone extension improvements
Marc Bastiaansen
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2010-10-18

A couple of features we needed for our shop but missed in the default Ogone extension (Magento 1.4.1):

- the ability to \\\"duplicate\\\" ogone as a payment method. We needed to have a seperate iDeal (bank) payment method, and a seperate credit card payment method. Ogone supports both with a different parameter on the query string, but the Ogone extension is only one payment method. So it\\\’s not easy to offer a customer the choice of payment via bank or via credit card seperately on our own site (this is only possible after a redirect to ogone). As bank and credit card have different payment costs, this was a nusiance. We did manage to achieve this by creating a new payment method which almost 100% reuses (extendds) the existing Ogone classes. But it would seem a nice feature to be able to do this standard in the Ogone extension.

- after being redirected to Ogone and then cancelling (or hitting the back button twice) you reach an empty shopping cart. We wanted the shopping cart to be still filled with your order so that you could select a different payment method. There was alot of code in the community to fix this and we did manage to get it working by writing our own extension. However, it would be nice if the default extension handled this more gracefully.

- for some reason, the Ogone extension doesn\\\’t set the cctype field for an order (in the case of a credit card payment). Again, by extending this can be achieved quite easily but it would be nice to have this by default.

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