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Set preview images to open in main image location, not pop-up
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(Edit : message is now moved to the “how do I” forum, which might be more appropriate :

Magento Team : please remove this one, since I didn’t find how to remove a thread)


After reading several threads on the forum in relation with customizing preview images and image pop-up, it seems that I unfortunately can’t find exactly the solution that suits my needs.

I would like that the “preview images” (the ones under the “big” image in product description), when clicked, opens in place of the main image, not a pop-up. This image should display with a fixed size, and allow to see the full size in a pop-up only when clicked while in the main image location.

An example of what I need can be found here :
(Of course, it’s not my site, otherwise I wouldn’t ask the solution wink )

What I have succeeded to do, was :

- open the preview image in the main image location, BUT with full size, resulting in a completely messed up display of the description (the image overlaps the description text). Furthermore, this image can not be shown full size in a pop-up when clicked (of course, not useful since already in full size)
The full thread that helped me to do this can be found here :

- preview image opens in main image location, and when double-clicked while in main image location, opens full size in a pop-up. BUT, it is always the same preview image which opens, regardless the preview image I choose :-(
Furthermore the size of the image stills overlaps the description…
The full thread that helped me to do this (in addition to previous one) can be found here :

So, it seems that the proposed solutions in the threads I’ve read offer “semi-solutions”, not completely matching what I need. And I cannot figure out how to put the 2 solutions together in order to get what I need :-(

Thanks for any help.

Kind Regards.


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