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How do I Mark an Order as complete without shipping and invoicing all of it
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We are getting close to finalizing a project with Magento, but have run into a slight snag. There are going to be times when my client may be out of a certain stock item, and for whatever reason he may be unable to get it from his suppliers in a timely manner.

However, people may have already ordered the items and he will ship them whatever he has in stock, and then only charge them for what he has shipped. However, he may not be able to back-order that same item, which is what Magento seems to do with the \"Total Due\”. Running a Credit Memo, seems to Credit only what has been invoiced and not the remaining total, which is what my client would like to do so that the order can be marked as completed, instead of in what appears to be a processing state.

Is there anyway to mark an order as complete without having to follow all the steps of invoicing and then refunding the remaining amount?

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