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Upgrading Magento Zend Server 1.3.1 to 1.4.2
Jr. Member
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Hi, I’ve been trying to get Magento to work locally, and installed the Zend Server package. Works great out of the box but there is absoluty no documentation or what so ever (only a readme with 6 lines). I had to search this forum for the adminpassword.. (For all those who search with me: Admin username password Magento Zend Server: admin/123123 )

Problem is that the version included in this package is 1.3.1. I would like to setup my store with the latest stable version: 1.4.2.

I’ve read multiple topics on upgrading, and chose to upgrade through Magento Connect. Mine turned up empty, but read in this wiki ( that I had to install “magento-core/Mage_All_Latest “. After installing those ‘connects’ succesful I had these options (see attachment).

But my version number is still 1.3.1, and my admin panel looks different than the one I’ve been working with (the online testversion 1.4.2).

Things I’ve tried:
- Overwriting all files with 1.4.2 - lost all config settings, and with no documentation I didn’t know databasename etc etc
- Overwriting all files with 1.4.2 except config.xml local.xml - Magento installer comes up with an error about already being installed and “redownload all core files” (<- gives an 500 internal server error).
- Did “All Cache” “refresh” in Cache Management - Didn’t help
- Waded through all the “my version isn’t updated"-topics.

I don’t “care” about my store or configuration because it’s empty, I would like a fresh install. To build my store locally, and then export it to the web. But I can’t figure out the databasename / username / password. Zend Framework and Apache 2.2-Zend won’t give any clues either (there are absoluty no options to configure what so ever).

Does anyone have any idea on updating or just overwriting everything? (or figuring out currently used settings including passwords?) (I think I can re-use the current database right?)
This is all installed on Windows 2008. MySQL51 is included as well.

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