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Non sellable products to handle custom information
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Joined:  2008-02-05

I think it would be fine to be able to create products with none of the default properties.
This products will not be sellable they will just be used to handle information. This would be handy to create catalogues.

We can think of calling this products another name, let say “Objects” and create another hierarchy of categories to store them (but I’m not sure it will be very efficient). This will make Magento the best CMS solution available.

Then we can think of the possiblity to add a new kind of custom attribute that will simply be a reference to one or more objects. Like a custom cross-sell and up-sell lists.

Example of uses :
- Manufacturers for any store
- Artists for an art gallery
- Authors for a book store
- Producers and actors for a movie store
- Singer/Groups for a CD store
- Reciepe for a food store
- “How to grow flower” for a seed store

Actually, I do use Magento for making online catalogues by removing all buying feature, it is really powerfull (but a bit slow).

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