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Micros Fidelio POS Integration
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Since Micros Fidelio is one of the Biggest if not the biggest POS System out there I would have expected to see some integration options out there. Micros has an SQL and an Oracle version, I could imagine that the SQL Version would be easier to integrate. I have been working on/with Micros for some time now so if any one is interested in working with me to get a connection, please PM me smile

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We are really excited to launch our newest product to the Magento Market place ‘MagentoSyncAPI’. This packaged product will help to integrate Magento e-commerce storefront with any third party application like ERP/CRM/Accounting Software, etc. which supports SOAP and have a two way data communication.

Problem:- We all know that Magento provides a set of default Web Services APIs to exchange data with any third party application. But the fact is that for many e-commerce entities you will not get any defined APIs to support. For example:-

i.  Fetch Tax Class and Tax Codes from Magento
ii.  Get Parent and Child Shipping Methods List
iii.  Get Website List
iv.  Get Payment Methods of Magento
v.  Add/Update Configurable Products in Magento and many more…

Solution:- MagentoSyncAPI- On top of the default Magento Web Services APIs, you will get a set of 25 APIs which will serve all your needs to develop and establish a connection with any third party application.

Benefits:- You often come across many customers who have had a clear requirement of sync Magento Data with any back end software solution and you often need to do custom development on this which not only increases your resource involvement, but also the overall project cost.

So ‘MagentoSyncAPI’ will provide you all support on the Magento end to through and receive data from any third party software package at a most affordable price. This will definitely decrease the overall delivery time of your Integration Project and increase the customer satisfaction.

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