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Multiple sites, different theme
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I’m new to magento and i have to get it to work controlling different domains.
I’ve got that part covered, but i need different themes for the different domains.
Now, i’ve watched the screencasts and read the bit in the documentation destined for designers.
My problem is this. I’ve managed to create a new theme in the main install folders, i can get it to show on the secondary domain shop.
But the links to the categories are pointing to the main domain url.
I’m a bit confused about what needs to be set under the Web section of the configuration page, for that secondary shop, hosted on the secondary domain. I’m confused about the Base URL, Base URL Link options, what exactly is Default and Use website, when i’m in the secondary domain scope of these settings.
Also i’m confused if i should set these in the domain scope or the actual store scope?

Thanks in advance,

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