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Some pre-use questions
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At first it is NOT comparison of magento with other applications.
We are planning to launch a market place website where we will post products and will also allow vendors to post/buy/sell products.
The site may grow very big in future with more than 10,000 and up to 50,000 products within 5 years.
We have team of programmers and we have allocated the budget to setup everything.
we have came down to 2-3 final options.
We really like to implement magento,and really impressed by its features, community, modules, corporate backing ,user friendlyness, seo friendliness and certainty regarding its future.
but before we make some investment, we are worried about these (said about magento) or we have found through our analysis(team hired).
Any clarifications would be great.(just for the help)
We don’t know it is truth or myth.
1)People say magento is slow and requires at least VPN or dedicated server to run. It is resource hungry. I found this site googling which is using magento. It took almost 3 minutes to open in my 320kbps internet. (just for a referenceI don’t know whose site is that)
2)People say coding and extending magento is very very difficult. It requires as much time and cost as learning or extending other normal php applications
Esp file structure ,naming convention, code complexity and people complain about templating.
3)Once the number of product grow magento is very hard to manage and may be even slower.
4)Later Upgrading of magento to higher version is really difficult as there is not proper arrangement for it.
5)Magento modules are available but good ones are really expensive and finding good programmer to magento is really expensive.
6)People say in future magento may be totally commercial and good module may be available only when paid(which may be totally baseless but what we have read here and there)
so any comments on that.
To be frank, what we want to hear is: these are not true followed by logic (why and how).
We are worried as these factor can differentiate between success and failure. For eg,a shopping site which takes 3 minutes to open may not be considered good by customers and cost of resources may be so high that project may not be feasible.
So, we guess there are lots of people like us who would like to read experts comment on these.
Any thoughts?

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