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SaveOrder Function Remaining on “Place Order” Instead of “Success” Page
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-07-10

For some reason I’m unable to get to the Success Page after hitting the “Place Order” button. I tried the fix for the controllers/onepagecheckoutcontrollers.php page:

$redirectUrl $this->getOnepage()->getCheckout()->getRedirectUrl();
$result['error']   false;
//Added for fix found on forums
//End Fix
catch (Mage_Core_Exception $e{
Mage::helper('checkout')->sendPaymentFailedEmail($this->getOnepage()->getQuote(), $e->getMessage());

Tried placing another order, but this didn’t fix the problem. Is there a patch, upgrade, or something I’m missing? Has anybody been able to get to the Success page? My client is on a shared server and I’ve read posts that explain this may be the cause, but I can’t see why it’s not redirecting to the success page. Please assist as soon as you can.

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