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Installation failed - “There was a problem during downloading of Magento packages.”
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Hello everybody,

after testing Magento on my locale server which was setup with MAMP it seems like I just can’t make Magento run on my real webspace.
I’m trying since almost 2 weeks and one problem after another occurs. It’s so frustrating.
I really hope somebody around here can help me with my problem. Thank you in advance for taking the time.

I already had Magento running but it was very buggy so I wanted to make a fresh installation without all the sample data, so I thought I’d start from scratch again and re-install it.

- So, I uploaded the downloader archive tar.gz-file. (Magento-downloader version is
- Set permissions of all the files to 755. I can not set it to 777, because when I set them to 777, I get an “Internal Server Error” every time I want to reach the files on my webspace.
The reason for this (my provider told me) is that my webspace is running php as cgi mode which means that only 755 permissions are allowed for me.

Is this (only 755 possible) a general probem for Magento? Because if it’s not running on my webspace correctly I might have to change to another provider....

- Anyway, so permissions are all set (to 755)
- magento-check.php says everything is fine
- running magento-cleanup.php results in an error (please see screenshot) I don’t know what to do with this error.

- then i browsed to the installation wizard and hit “start the download process”
- then after a few seconde it sayed “Download completed. You can proceed with installation”

so far everything looks fine, but now comes the strange thing.

- so I click on “continue Magento Installation” the page reloads and it brings me back to the page where it says “Start the download process”. !?!?!

So all I can do is click on that button and Magento is loading all those files again which results in the error message “There was a problem during downloading of Magento packages. Please check the output frame for errors information and refresh the page to retry again.”

What is the problem and what can I do to solve that?
Any help would be greatly appreaciated!

Thanks in advande.

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Exact same problem over here.


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Same problem here… Ever since this new version came up.

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