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Paypal fraud management filters; perhaps off topic
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Joined:  2008-12-03

This doesn’t directly affect Magento Per Se, but I am not sure where else to ask:

I am uncertain about the Paypal Fraud Management Filter setup.  I have had several transactions denied because of the FMF; however I’m not sure if that is entirely good, or if my settings are overly restrictive.  (Too paranoid?)

It seems to me that many customers are rather careless with the required information: mis-entering addresses, mis-entered / missing phone numbers and the like.

The Paypal guide to FMF is more of a guide as to “HOW” the system works, rather than “WHAT LEVEL” of settings fit different situations for different circumstances.  I struggle with their information.  I am hoping to find additional information.

Does anyone have any input, or can point me towards a meaningful discussion or examples?


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