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How do I allow people to select a fabric (attribute) then have a page / list of products (chairs) which it is available for? Fabrics also need to thei
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I am building a site which sells bespoke chairs.

Chairs vary on style and fabric. So people need to select a chair style then see a page where they select a fabric or vice versa.

Here is an example of a site built in magento which has a similar system:

You’ll notice that when you click a fabric then the image (and the url) changes. This looks like a different simple product is it?

I have been looking at various combination’s of bundled products, configurable products and attributes etc and none quite seem to do it.

If we set the fabrics as attributes like a colour is is possible to have a thumbnail for the fabric as they have patterns. We’d also need a page of fabrics each with it\’s own image, brand and description or would they need to be associated products.

If we set fabrics as an attribute we can create an image for each combination and when you select a chair and a fabric it will then display the chair. But I can’t find a way to get the page of fabrics. Is this possible if it was done as an associated product?

Sorry if I have not been clear. I hope that you understand.

Thanks for helping.

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