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How do I….hire someone for a Magento customization? 
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I need some custom programming done for our store and would like to hire an experienced developer to help us.

The current requirements are fairly small as we are still testing the market.

We only sell one product.  We are, essentially, a drop-shipper for our customers.  The product is a sample pack which our customers will send to their potential business partners.  Although our customers will use the site regularly, there will not be repeat orders for the same recipient.

Our customers will log in and be able to send it to multiple recipients.  We need the flexibility for the customer to add the recipients credit card info so they can charge the recipient a user-specified amount to share the shipping cost.

With the volume of recipients, it may also become necessary to modify the manner in which new addresses are added.  Preferrably this will be right on the same check-out page and the recipient’s info will not be added to the drop-down box as there will be a high volume, and a recipient will only be shipped to once.

If you can help us, please notify by email: joseph @ vinemultimedia . com

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