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True Customer Signature Tool
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I have created a tool for eCommerce Merchants to fight charge backs from fraudulent customers. I\’m trying to get some feed back and I have already integrated into plenty of eCommerce Stores functioning currently. What the tool does is require a customer to sign the module before letting them continue with the order. That signature is sent to a secured server where the merchant can review all the signatures captured by the module and in the case of a credit card charge back case, then submit that signature as evidence. Since many merchant that sell a completely digital inventory (like music, mp3, digital art, or software) have a very hard time fight charge back cases, this is one of the only ways to provide some type of evidence.

I would love for some people to try it out.

I\’m trying to verify that it will work for Magento. I\’m curious in regards to both the one page checkout lane feature as well a standard checkout lane. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns this is a totally new module.

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