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Creating a Custom Account code for each customer
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We are trying to create a custom attribute that contains the customers account code that we assign to the customer. Our customers do not “register” accounts traditionally. They are manually created by the administrators. We basically just need to have a setup where the admin creates the account, they will have a place to enter this custom account code and have that code tied to the customer for checkouts and such. The customer wont worry about this code.

I have looked at a good number of module examples that allow you to create an attribute on the customer object and “fill it” with data usually while registering the customer through the main front end. One such example indicated that you should see the field in the administrative interface, but i did not. I am hoping someone has done this before or something similar with an example that will help me get this right. every time i try this the example is similar but yet quite different.

I have modified other modules and created other simple ones, but so far this one eludes me. i just cannot get it to work. I appreciate any help that could be provided. thanks!

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