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Can Magento handle unique products elegantly? 
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Joined:  2008-10-24

I got a new shop to set up. This is for a product where each item is unique. The product are clutch purses made from vintage fabrics and vintage buttons.
You can have a look at the product here.

So while all these purses use the same fabrication template, there is no single purse that is the same as any other. So they are the same product, in a way, but with different ‘look’ each. One ‘look’, once sold once, is gone from the shop forever.

My question is now if Magento is able to manage such a type of product?
Basically, I need the ability to import these as batches via CSV or whatever into the shop, each one with its own image.
When a customer buys one, it is gone forever.
I guess I can just create a different product with quantity one for each and put them all under one category? But I’m unsure if that is a good way to do this and what implications it would have on the shop management side.

I might add that my experience with Magento is zero, I’m currently just looking at which OSS cart can handle this best. smile

If Magento is able to do this, how would I go to set this up in the sandbox shop so I can get an idea how it works?

Thanks in advance,


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