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Trouble Importing Orders with Stone Edge Order Manager
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Joined:  2008-08-14

We’ve been using Stone Edge and Magento since February.  We get anywhere from 75 to 150 order per day depending on the time of year.

Unfortunately, when we import orders, Stone Edge is importing all of our orders back from February.  Only the new orders actually get added to the Order Manager DB but we’re up to 1600+ XML files for each import and it’s beginning to cause time out issues.  Only the new orders should be compiled in the XML files, which would be only 4 to 6 file per day.

We also haven’t been able to update to the latest version of the import script.  We’re using the version 1.207.  Any time we’ve tried a newer version we get the word “Processing”, entered twice, into the comments field on the order, on import.  Unfortunately this make using order comments impossible.

Are there any other SEOM users out there?  Is your import working without issue?

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