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Muti store confusion and Magento capabilities. 
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Hi all,

I am a little confused here:

My requirement is:

I have three sets of products, they all can be delivered locally in US, UK and India.

Since the delivery is local. I would be using three different shipping methods to calculate the final price. Royal Mail, USPS, India Post.

Also each store would have its own currency.

For CC process, I would like to use and would like to separate carts for each store.

I would like to direct visitors to the right store based on geo location.

Confusion is:

1) Can I separate shipping methods for each store.
2) Can each store have its own currency,
3) Can all store use one company for checkout or will each store have its own gateway.
4) Can I direct visitors to stores based on geo-location
5) Can I separate carts.

Many thanks in advance.

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