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HDFC Payment Gateway
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Hi Friends.....

I want to use HDFC’s Payment Gateway in magento, Is magento supports HDFC\’s Payment Gateway ?


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This file is used for authenticating the merchants and it contains certain
parameters pre-set in it which can be read, only by the plugins stored at
merchant server. On successful authentication then only the plugins proceed for
sending the merchant request to payment Gateway server.
The resource file is not executable file. .cgn extension is given to identify the file
by the plugins only.
Process for usage of the resource file:
This file would be provided to the merchant along with the plugins and this has
to be placed on the merchant server and this patch should be specified in the
path (as specified in the Merchant Integration documents) from where the plugins
would read this file automatically.
Merchant has the responsibility to safeguard this file as this file is required for
connectivity to the payment gateway
This file should be controlled strict Access policies of the Merchant Site and
should not be shared to any unauthorized user/system other than the production
system which is used for connecting to Payment Gateway.
The Merchant should ensure that the following points are addressed to maintain
the security aspects for Resource file
Resource File Security Document

1. All access to storage devices/ media must be restricted to authorized personnel only. A list of
people authorized to access backup media must be maintained.
2. The resource file should not be available in any other system/location other than the specified
location of the Config file.
3. Access to the production system and the resource file should be restricted to authorized
personnel only.
4. All access to this file should be audited by the merchant.
5. Any other security guidelines that the Bank would need to enforce as per the policies defined
by Card associations/Bank.


$path_e24class = getcwd(). ‘\\’;
/*echo getcwd() . “\n”;*/
$pipe = new Java(“e24PaymentPipe”);
$amount = 100;
$status = $pipe->performPaymentInitialization();
$payID = $pipe->getPaymentId();
$payURL = $pipe->getPaymentPage();
$urlToRedirect = $payURL . ‘?PaymentID=’ . $payID;
header(‘Location: ‘. $urlToRedirect);


<TITLE>Failure Page</TITLE>

<b><font size=5 color=”blue”> ERROR</font> </b>


echo “<font size=3 color=red>”;
echo “<b><br>”;
echo isset($_GET['result']) ? $_GET['result'] : ”;


<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN”>
<TITLE>Colors of Success</TITLE>
<TABLE border=”1″>
<TD>Unit Price:</TD>
<TD><?php echo $_POST['SKU'];?></TD>
<TD><?php echo $_POST['NAME'];?></TD>
<TD><?php echo $_POST['PRICE'];?></TD>
<TD><?php echo $_POST['QTY'];?></TD>
<TD><?php echo $_POST['QTY'] * $_POST['PRICE'];?></TD>
<TD>Total Price:</TD>
<TD><?php echo $_POST['QTY'] * $_POST['PRICE'];?></TD>

<FONT size=”3″><B>Shipping Details:</B></FONT>
<FORM name=”form_payment” ACTION=”HostedPaymentBuy.php” METHOD=”POST”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”AMOUNT” value=”<?php echo $_POST['QTY'] * $_POST['PRICE'];?>”>
<TD width=”30%”>Name:</TD>
<TD><input size=”20″ type=”text” name=”name”

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