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Bugtracker search and bug not found
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-07-10


I’ve tried to look up a bug in the bug-tracker, which is said to be fixed in the 1.5 release of magento:
#5105: Error while removing products from websites

I had 2 problems.
1. I can’t search for bug-numers! Searching for #5105 or 5105 shows me a lot of other bugs.
2. When navigation to this bug (page 80) I suddenly realize, why i can’t search: The bug doesn’t exists.

So why can’t I search for a bug number?
Searching for bug #8038 (this one exists) returns no results when searching for “8038” and all bugs when searching for “#8038”.
Please add a field for bug number in the search dialog!

And why did you fix a bug, that doesn’t exists?
Or did you remove the bug from the bug-tracker? This would mean nobody can later look at what the bug really was about.


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Seba G Gonnelli
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Joined:  2007-09-15

Hello Sebastian,

You can actually find the issue #5105 at our Issue Roadmap, however in detail (full description) will not be visible to you due to the fact that is part of the Core Bugs reported internally by the Magento team and such reports are not visible on the community site.

Please verify at that every Community Bug can be viewed while every issue labeled as [Core Bug] cannot, we do publish the summary for these in order to inform that there were issues not reported on the community bugtracker and they were resolved.

I hope you find this information helpful and thank you for your interest in Magento.

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