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They don’t think magento can integrate with their api…
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I’m looking at having an api based inventory source integrated, but the company said they don’t think it can work with magento.  How would I go about knowing if it can be done?  Here is the only info they have given me so far without getting a developers license.

Web Service: Offers direct access (API connection) to the Ingram Data Services (IDS) suite of rich content found in the Ingram data. Currently this number is an estimated 10 million items including inactive and active items. A search engine frontends our database containing all of the content@ingram data elements including extended titles. Your application posts a query request using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) or HTTP and the results are returned in XML for you to format and display to your specifications on your site. You also have the option to have the results sorted by data elements, including the popularity of the title.

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