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Group Products Into Blocks on Category Page
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Okay, here is what I want to do:

I have a product line that comes in many different colors. Lets call this product line butterflies. Color is your primary selling point.

Butterflies come in many many different color variations from solid colors to ones that have many different colors.

So, in my categories I have butterflies as a top level category, and I have blue butterlies, red butterflies, green butterflies, etc. as child/subcategories under it.

Now, your client wants you to have them display on the category page in blocks based on Solid Colored Items, Partially Colored Items, and Items that simply contain that color in some way even if it’s a spec.

So, say you click on blue butterflies, I need to come up with a way to make the category default sort these products into “blocks” based on say three attributes that are assigned to the products with a header over the top of each group or block: Solid {dynamic color name} Butterflies, {dynamic color name} Accented Butterflies, {dynamic color name} Flecked Butterflies.

I know I can simply assign a number to each of the products and have them sort from solid colored products down to products that just have some of the color, but my project requires that they are separated into blocks with a header above each block stating what that group of products within the color category is called.

I have also thought this would be much easier if I could just have my client have subcategories of partially colored items, but he insists this is how it must be.

So, my thoughts are, create a new page template. DONE.

Then, Assign all products with these three attributes: Solid Color, Accented Color, Fleck Color. DONE

From here I’ve been searching everywhere for some kind of guidance on what I would need to do next.

Any input into this would be fantastic.

A really good example of what I need is on Party City.

If you’ll notice they’ve sorted their categories by product typ: Tableware, cake supplies, favors, etc. It’s almost like they are showing all subcategories on one page . . .

Anyway, any help would be MUCH appreciated. PM me or reply to the thread.

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