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Problem with configurable product, we search for a solution it also can be a payed solution! 
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Is it possible in Magento backoffice to make real filters in a configurable product.

Price product SKU filter in combination with atributes in a configurable product
For example:

I got a configurable “bra” product that filters my simple products on color, cub-size, and size.
In my simple product i need to give the exact price of the product. This price i want to see when my filter choice matches the product that i linked to my configurable product.

BUT in my configurable item i also need to give a price, this is fine, only when i use my filter to make my choice, the product price won’t match my choice. I manually need to calculate witch price difference the product needs to have and fill it in in each configuration.

Is it possible to get the product price of my simple product instead to manually calculate each configurable product by hand?

I attach some screenshots of my problem.

This problem is for me a very large problem because i need to connect real POS software that we use in live stores on magento.
an payed solution is also possible.

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productSKUpriceproblem.pdf  (File Size: 1182KB - Downloads: 72)
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i think this is your solution:

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