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How do i use view.phtml for displaying 1 product on front page
Jr. Member
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How can i use view.phtml to display 1 product on frontpage.

I got this far.
i use

{{block type="catalog/product_view" product_id="26" name="" template="catalog/product/view2.phtml"}}
on “home_page”

view2.phtml is a copy-paste view.phtml

But it only shows me a product name and shortdecription, not the other stuff thath i realy need.

Maybe there is another solution for this, i have a bundle product that is dowloadable, and the bundle option is required and can be bought seperetly, so i need only for one product that the bundeled drop-down show on front page, not all products on the grid but one product that is on top of the gird.

I would like to go with the view2.phtml that way is more easy for me to get the end-result.

Thank you and i hope it make sense


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