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Do any of you use callbox templates or tools to speed design process
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hello Magento community,

I’m new to magento and very excited about this ecommerce solution.  While I consider myself a novice, I have installed various shopping systems and currently run several others but am in the process of migrating everything over to Magento as I feel this is by far the most promising solution on the market. 

With that said, I wonder if any designers out there employ the use of callbox “templates” that are pre-designed wiht ability to customize to be placed in the content blocks of magento storefront. This is the aspect which I feel adds so much to the aesthetics of a site, and it is also the aspect I dislike the most in developing personally simply because it takes so much time.  I

wonder if there is any company or product out there that offer call box templates--a base from which to begin your call box designs.  The Magento default Theme contains several very attractively designed callboxes and I’ve wondered if there’s an easier way to create such nice looking boxes & banners.

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