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Put Demo Store Layout into Modern Theme ? 
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Joined:  2008-09-23
Hudson Valley, NY, US


I have a new install, demo store installed, and have changed the home page CMS.  My content looks great but I prefer the look of the Modern theme.  When I switch to Modern, it goes to 2 columns, and my right column is pushed to the bottom of the center.  I’d really like to keep my home layout page as is, but have Modern’s colors and nav head placement.

Is there a way to have the colors of modern but the 3-col home page in the demo store?  I tried setting the store layout to match the default theme, but it made no difference.

My site is [warning adult content]. 

I changed the head graphics (just to get rid of those stripes!), but I’m terrible at graphics and colors and really prefer Modern’s clean grey look.

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