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Minimum quantity per products group, and members ‘club’
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Apologies if either of these questions have been previously answered, I could not find a conclusive answer by searching the forums…

A client has briefed me on their e-commerce requirements, and two of their requests are reasonably tricky/unusual.

I will start with the easier request:

Minimum quantity per product type

My client sells wine, but don’t want to allow orders smaller than 6 bottles. However, they want customers to be able to mix and match the types of wine that comprise each order.

Here is an example of a valid order:

- 3 bottles of chardonnay, 2 bottles of pinot, 1 bottle of merlot

Here is an invalid order:

- 1 bottle of chardonnay, 3 bottles of pinot

It is important to note that simply requiring a minimum quantity of 6 products in total is not sufficient, since my client sells products other than wine for which the minimum order rule does not apply. So the rule must be applied only to a specific ‘group’ of products: wine.

Is this possible with Magento?

Members ‘club’

OK, now for the tricky request…

My client is launching a ‘wine club’ where members pay an annual fee to join, and each six months are sent a selection of 6 wines.

They want their e-commerce system to:

- Keep track of who is a club member
- Auto-generate quarterly orders for club members (I guess this means the customer’s c/c details need to be stored too)
- Allow club members to manually alter their quarterly order prior to it being sent

Which all sounds like a big stretch for an off-the-shelf e-commerce system. My instinct tells me that it would require my client to have their own custom-built shopping cart developed from scratch, but I thought it was worth floating the idea and seeing if it\’s anything close to possible with Magento.

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I’ve been looking for a similar minimum of a category/product type.
Registered for this.

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