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Product View / Cart Customisation - is this possible with magento? 
mike one
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Joined:  2010-11-10

Hi All

I’m working on this requirement for a clothing store and wondering how much Magento can cover.

I’m happy that it can cover off all the backend requirement but does anyone have comments on feasibility of developing custom modules to do this…

Item images:

Need 2 image sets per product -

First is the item photograph - including front, back and zoom

Second is a shot of modeled outfit.

Cross linking products:

Need to associate additional products with the one being viewed - eg these trousers / shoes / shirts go with that jacket.

These associations need to be cross category - eg a hat in accessories can be linked with a jacket in menswear.

Shopping history

need customers to be able to view a complete history of their previous purchases (as list or images) and sort by category etc. Admins should be able to access customers histories too so they can assist customers.

It’s vague I know, but grateful for any views.

Many thanks.

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