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In-dept Designer’s Guide: Help! - part 2/2
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This is Part 2/2 of this post (
Thanks for reading.

How Layouts Works

*Layout files are separated on a per-module basis, every module bringing with it its own layout file (for instance ‘catalog.xml’ is a layout file for the catalog module, ‘customer.xml’ is for the customer module...etc).*
Okay I know have the confirmation of what I was saying before. PLEASE make a list, an index or something clear for designers and coders. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

*(...)each handle (with the exception of <default>) assigning its nested updates to the according specific page in the store.*
How do you specify the page?

If find my reply here:
*If Magento finds handles other than <default>, it will assign the updates nested inside the handle to the according page specified by the handle. For instance, <catalog_product_view> contain the layout updates for the Product View page, while <catalog_product_compare_index> contain those for the Compare Product page. Handles are set-in-stone identifiers that as a designer with no extensive understanding of Magento programming, should never need to modify.*
Again that is cool. And again can we have some kind of index, or list that refers them all, with their effects?

*When parsing the layout files, Magento first grabs the layout updates assigned in the <default> handle of almost all layout files, reading them in the order as assigned in app/etc/modules/Mage_All.xml.*
New to me. What is Mage_All.xml? Do we need to modify too in order to customize or create our own theme?

This is it. Thank you very much for reading this far and for helping me.

As a conclusion, and even if your project is way more complex, I really think we (designers) need something equivalent as the Wordpress Codex, for Magento. What they did over there is just fantastic, anybody can approach and develop something on their engine, because their documentation is complete, clear, precise and easy to understand. I think that if you guys manage to pull out something like this, Magento will spread all over the world very fast.

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