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I’m currently working on a project for one customer who have its own internal software (and the code guy who did it) to manage stocks, prices, categories, product attributes, product descriptions, orders, customers and so on. He’s thinking about using Magento for his website, but does not want to rely on it to manage all that stuff, but wants to continue to use his software. He wants to be able to change nearly anything anywhere anytime from his soft : I cannot expect that he will not add or delete a category, an attribute, and so on. So, this is the problem.

To help me, the guy who coded this soft is waiting for instructions to write his import/export/synchronization module. At this point of the project, I can expect him to export the data using any format I ask.

On the other side, my boss told me : “Oh, oh, it should be great if you find a easy way to do this. Is there something you can use to help you avoiding the hard work with the API? Have a look on the web, and ask a forum.” - I loved the smile he had at that moment…

So, here I am and my question is : is there any synchronization tool out there that I can use to match this goal? May I take an extension designed for another product and ask the guy to follow the same format with his app? Which one should suit the better for the trick?

Note that it should be a two ways synchronization tool.

Best regards,

Stephane Mourey

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