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Create a new theme and put in action
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Im triyng to made a new theme. To do this I made a copy of the folder app/design/frontend/base/default to a new location on app/design/frontend/<my_new_theme>/<theme>

I also did a copy of the folder skin/frontend/default/default to the new location skin/frontend/<my_new_theme>/<theme>

To change the theme I went to the Admin Panel in System -> Design -> <first_item_on_the_list> -> General -> Custom Design and then I change to <my_new_theme>/<theme>

Aftter that, I could make changes to the styles.css and also change images and could made changes to the xml and template files.

The problem is, after my change I couldn\’t see the main menu(products categories) anymore and when a click on a product, the page that loads is blank.

Could anyone help me with this, is this the right way to make a new theme? What I missed?

Thanks anyway and sorry my english mistakes, Im a brazilian guy.

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