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Ink Cartridge Store Compatiblity Issue
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The easiest way to explain what I want to accomplish is to imagine an ink cartridge store.

You have printer like a canon mp480 and it is compatible with several ink carts.

What I want to do is make it so that I add the ink carts themselves as sku’s and then add the mp480 as being compatible with them. So for example, item with sku CART1 may have several models that are marked compatible.

The idea is that a visitor can then select a drop down with their brand and navigate to the model printer they have and see all the cartridges that are compatible (for sale) with their printer.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this in magento either via a built-in function or with an existing extension?

-Thank you

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have you tried to do this with attributes??? i am not sure you can get the depth the way you want it.. - perhaps. you are better setting.. manufactures to categories.. and then attributing the models//

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Trust a newbie to resurrect a dead thread, but:-

I would also like this functionality. We sell printers and their respective consumables (inks, toners et al). I’ve got the consumables displaying as Related Products, modified to display in the main content column, with a buy button assigned to each one. I like the way this works so far, users can just navigate to their printer, then just look for the consumables beneath the printer.

But I would like to do this using a drop-down style box.

One alternative would be as suggested above - By creating a Root Category of ‘Consumables’, then a sub-category for the manufacturer, i.e. ‘Samsung’, then assigning all Samsung consumables to this category - then assigning each model the consumable fits by adding them into a multiple select and selecting them this way.

This way, Magento’s Layered Navigation could handle displaying the consumables, taking the user from Manufacturer -> Model - > Consumables for their chosen model.

The only problem would be I’d have hundreds of models showing up in the Layered Navigation.

I’ve no idea about the best way to approach this, and I’m still only two weeks into using Magento - could anyone advise?

Much appreciated,

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