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Specify Customer Group By Lead Type??? 
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Joined:  2010-04-19

I am in the process of creating multiple customer types with different group rules. For example, one group may get 50% off regular product pricing for life, another may only get 30% discounts on certain product categories. Almost like a wholesale concept, but more like a Buyers’ Club.

These customer groups will be populated by people who are registering through different lead sources, so I can’t just set the default group in Magento to one of these.

Is there a way for me to create a duplicate customer registration process (maybe on a landing page) where I ‘hardcode’ the customer group and pass that into Magento? Were hoping to automate this portion so I do not want to have to go in after the fact to switch customers from one group to another. We also want these new users to be able to shop at the promised savings right away, so it has to happen at the time of account creation.

Other alternatives I’ve considered are:
a) set hidden URL parameter that can be parsed by Magento to set the customer type
b) ask customer to enter discount code that ‘sets’ their customer type during registration, (but that would only seem to work when registering during checkout)

Any ideas?

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