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Magento Mobile for Community 1.3.x
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Has anybody been able to get this working?

I’ve followed the manual installation instructions posted on (after the Magento Connect failed) and nothing.

I tried clicking on their community forum link posted at the above page and it’s blank, hmmm, tried clicking on the webnar link at the bottom of the page and guess what the page is blank.

I would have thought that Magento would make it a little easier for people to setup their mobile interface so they can use their services, without installing the module we cannot order their services, I would have thought it would have been better for Magento to include the entire setup for the setup fee they are charging.

Any direction of how to get this going would be appreciated.

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Magento Go does not use Magento Connect. There is not option to activate it. It’s not integrated into the store.

me: Why does it say in Account Settings,
“Activate Magento Connect’

Jeremy E.: Because the account has settings for all Magento Products, some of which use Connect.

me: How do I activate it then.
or what store do i use

Jeremy E.: You would need to a store running on either Magento Community or Magento Enterprise in order to use Magento Connect.

me: Isn’t the free demo a community store
The extension I would like to use is

Jeremy E.: Did you sign up here?

me: what store uses this one
I have downloaded the free demo

Jeremy E.: That is Magento Go. Community is available from here:
It’s the open source version of Magento. We do not offer any support for it.

me: which versions do you support

Jeremy E.: Go and Enterprise.

me: which one can you ebizmart
which one can use ebizmart

Jeremy E.: There are several extensions for ebizmart. Which one are you looking at?

me: which one would suit selling wines, we want to offer a site so wineries can upload their own products and pricing and information on our site

Jeremy E.: I am not familiar with their extensions so I couldn’t really say. I can tell you that Go does not allow people other than the add to upload products or make change to the site. You would probably want to use one of the other versions.

me: how much is enterprise, do you have to pay yearly or can you pay monthly

Jeremy E.: It’s an annual cost starting at about 14,000

me: how much is the community version

Jeremy E.: Free

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