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Oscommerce import tool problem
Teclance Enterprise
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Joined:  2008-06-11


I have successfuly installed the oscommerce import tool and now I am trying to import my osc shop.

I fill out all the details, and when I hit the run (or whatever the button is call) a message shows below saying importing in progess.

A pop up window appears than and I get two messages, when the second one shows which says (importing do not close this window) a java error in the bottom appears and the importing appears to stop. I let the window sit open for ever and nothing happened.

The error message said this:
Line: 52 Char: 9
Error: ‘Template’ is undefined.
Code: 0 URL:  (It than shows the URL with a string. It is long so I didn’t add it. If it is required let me know.)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Mike Kelly

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