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tier pricing modified
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2007-09-09

Hello Moshe,
I am still developing on the ticketshoip (box office).

Right now I am totally stucked and would need some help.

I set up a new product type - everything ok so far.

But now I want to implement a Price category feature instead of tear price.

So I have a pricecategory.phtml instead of a tier.phtml.:

<label for="row_index__category"><strong><?=__('PK')?></strong></label>
select id="row_index__category" name="product[category_price][__index__][category]" class="select">
<?foreach ($this->getAllPriceCategoryOptions() as $option):?>
= ($option['value'== "'#{category}'"  ) ? 'selected' ''?>
<option value="<?=$option['value']?>" <?=$_selected?>><?=$option['label']?></option>

My Problem is: How can I check against #{category}

when I also included:

<?foreach ($this->getValues() as $_item):?>
Everything works ok so far. I can get the information stored in the db. But I can not show the actual value selected getting from the database (#{category}.

I hope this makes sense and somebody can help me.


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