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Help complete the “Create Extension Package” process
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Im trying to create an extension to upload on Magento Connect. Though, im having some trouble with completing the process correctly.
I am not sure how to fill the “Contents” step correctly.. on your wiki I see this:

Contents (required)

Role: Location of the files to include
Path: Path within the role (location). The path is relative to role directory. ex: Magento Community Module file is relative to app/code/community/ ; Magento Global Configuration is relative to app/etc/ ...
Type: File or Recursive Directory
Include: Regular expression for file pattern to include (requires pattern delimiter, like ‘#’) - ex. #^Mage#
Ignore: Regular expression for file pattern to ignore (requires pattern delimiter, like ‘#’)

The files I need to pack are in these folders:

app/ design/frontend/default/

But do I need to create a content-path for each file it needs to include?

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