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hash extension installation guide for Strato vServer
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This is a dummies guide on how to install hash on a Strato vServer with the following specifications:
* openSUSE 10.3
* PHP 5.2.6

Tools you need
PuTTY & PSFTP (telnet/FTP)
* Download at:

Altap Salamander 2.51 for extracting files from RPM on a Windows machine
* Download at:

Account information you need
* Server webaddress ex.
* Root password which can be found when you login into

1. Getting the files for upload
1.1 Make sure you have PuTTY, PSFTP and Altap Salamander installed.
1.2 Download the right RPM package, which in this case can be found here:
1.3 Open the RPM with Altap Salamander.
1.4 Extract the files and hash.ini that you find in the maps (you can drag them onto your desktop). You can close Altap Salamander now.
1.5 Place the and hash.ini in your C: disk (c:\ and c:\hash.ini).

2 Uploading the files
2.1 Start PSFTP and type open and hit enter. hxxxxxxx must match your own server id!
2.2 Login as: root, password: <your root password>. If all worked out you should see a message say Remote working directory is /root
2.3 Type cd .. and hit enter (there is a space between cd and ..!!). It should say Remote directory is now /
2.4 Type the following commands: cd etc <enter> cd php5 <enter> cd conf.d. Remote directory is now /etc/php5/conf.d
2.5 Type put c:\hash.ini and hit enter (assuming you have placed the hash.ini in the root of your C disk).
2.6 Type dir and hit enter. You should now see hash.ini listed between the *.ini’s.
2.7 Type cd and hit enter. Type cd .. and hit enter. It should now say Remote directory is now /
2.8 Type the following commands: cd usr <enter> cd lib <enter> cd php5 <enter> cd extensions. Remote working directory is now /usr/lib/php5/extensions/.
2.9 Type put and hit enter. Type dir to check if is now listed.
2.10 Type bye and hit enter, so the PSFTP client closes.

3 Rebooting your server
This needs to be done so the and hash.ini are loaded.
3.1 Open PuTTY. Fill in the Host Name field with, where hxxxxxx matches your own server id. Make sure the port is set to 22 and the connection type to SSH.
3.2 Press the Open button. Login as: root, password: <your root password>.
3.3 Type reboot and hit enter. Close PuTTY.
3.4 Wait for your server to be rebooted… Go to the Magento installation page and VOILA, SUCCES!

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Thanks for the guide, just a note to those who are not too comfortable with command line, if you are running on opensuse you can simply:

1. open up putty (as described above),
2. type “yast” (opens yast)
3. navigate to install programs
4. search “hash”
5 select php hash extension to install from the list
6. reboot your server

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Since Strato vServers today already work with PHP 5.2.6-0.4, hash should or must be already part of the php core, as it is included in php core since version 5.12. Now the problem with Strato still persists, as by default the hash extension is set to enabled in installations, but with Strato vServers the hash function seems to be explicitly disabled. So, it may make no sense to install hash on a current Strato vServer, as Strato must have disabled the hash extension with the appropriate hash disabled switch.

Whilst Strato does not offer support or installation services for vServers, they still should remove the hash disabled switch from any client server as soon a client desires it, as like mentioned, by default the currently used php version included the hash extension and it is only possible to explicitly disable this function and this should be the reason for Strato vServer users to still get this error message when installing Magento.

I don’t know what else could be the reason.

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