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How to improve magento performance for a shop with a lot of visitors
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we have a client that has a big problem. They have a magento shop, and the day they launch the shop they get a lot of visitors. We have the stats, that in the hour the shop was openned (because they had to close it) the had between 50 and 178 ips simultanous users per minute. The shop was so slow that they have to close. We had stimated that the shop should be able to perform with 9 users/second.

An external consulting enterprised, make a stress test on it, after configuring 8 servers, each one with 2vCPU and 4GB RAM each one, and NFS server with 2 vCPU and 8GB RAM, and a MySQL Server with 2vCPU and 16 GB RAM. As you can see it is a great infraestructure.

The test ran with Jmeter, 14 paths (visitor that access the website and enter in a category then in a product detail page, advanced search, login, add to cart, check out...)
They get the following results testing only one of the servers (node 8)

Concurrencia 10 sobre nodo 8
Run time:  207.906 [seconds] (0.0 user, 0.0 system) 3mintos y medio
Request rate:  4.810 [requests/sec] – 288 solicitudes por minuto
Response rate:  4.810 [responses/sec]
Transfer rate:  479.482 [KBytes/sec] received
Transfer rate (out):  0.526 [KBytes/sec] sent
Average response:  2.037 [seconds]
Average transaction:  2.079 [seconds]

Concurrencia 20 over node 8.
Run time:  373.746 [seconds] (0.0 user, 0.0 system)
Request rate:  5.362 [requests/sec]
Response rate:  5.351 [responses/sec]
Transfer rate:  533.449 [KBytes/sec] received
Transfer rate (out):  0.586 [KBytes/sec] sent
Average response:  3.442 [seconds]
Average transaction:  3.499 [seconds]

Concurrencia 30 over node 8
Run time:  606.286 [seconds] (0.0 user, 0.1 system)
Request rate:  4.971 [requests/sec]
Response rate:  4.910 [responses/sec]
Transfer rate:  489.651 [KBytes/sec] received
Transfer rate (out):  0.544 [KBytes/sec] sent
Average response:  5.814 [seconds]
Average transaction:  5.879 [seconds]

The consulting company with this results using one of the 8 servers, the nfs server and the mysql server said that when the 8 servers were working toghether this enviroment could support 1500 request/second.

I think the results of this test are too poor for such great machines.
Only 4 request/second!!!!!

Something is not ok, and I think is the optimization of the magento application

Could anyone tell me how many request/second should be needed for 200 hundred users / minute.


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