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Inline translation missing
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Joined:  2008-02-14


I am making a french store and working with the latest stable magento release

Problem is that there is so much stuff not translated that it will take as much time as to do the design itself, I never understood why it says on magento website the french is 100% translated, anyway

So I found out about inline translation, what a great feature as most of our website as OSC in FR-EN-DE so it will be very veasy to translate missing stuff.

But : (there is always a but)

What to do when there is no inline translation available, exemple if someone try to login with a password less that 6 caracters the error message is :

Please enter 6 or more characters. Leading or trailing spaces will be ignored. (there is no possibility to do inline translation)
Do we have to report this kind of little bug somewhere at magento or we can change code to make inline translation to work.

And how we do this.


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