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make sql query based on collection using OR /search by custom option SKU
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-05-31

below is the code that is used to list the custom option id of the products whose option ‘s sku is like 66705

right now i can only filter the result based on the sku of custom option. How can i filter the resultset based on two fields title and sku by using an or statement

$collection Mage::getModel('catalog/product_option_value')->getCollection();
'main_table.option_type_id = title_table.option_type_id',

$collection->addFieldToFilter('sku',array('like'=> '%'.$this->getQueryText().'%'));

gives me the sql

SELECT `main_table`.*, `title_table`.* FROM  `catalog_product_option_type_value` AS `main_table
INNER JOIN `catalog_product_option_type_title` AS `title_tableON  
.option_type_id title_table.option_type_id WHERE (sku like  '66705')
now if i add one more line

$collection->addFieldToFilter('title',array('like'=> '%'.$this->getQueryText().'%'));

i get the sql as

SELECT `main_table`.*, `title_table`.* FROM  `catalog_product_option_type_value` AS `main_table`  
INNER JOIN `catalog_product_option_type_title` AS `title_tableON  
.option_type_id title_table.option_type_id 
(sku like  '66705') and (title like  '66705')
now my question is how do i make query using OR in the two fields

where “66705” is my search term
thanks in advance smile

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