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USPS module returns horribly incorrect shipping options
XPC Design
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Joined:  2008-08-19

I have a major problem with the USPS module. It’s showing the option of an envelope even though one of the items in my test order is 9 lbs. This is absolutely incorrect. It is not possible to run a store like this.

If I change the size setting to large the results look appropriate, although I’m not sure if that is actually fixing the issue. The shipping amount seems too high. I’m pretty sure the issue is that there is no option for product dimensions after looking in the forums some more, which I think is one of the things needed to fix this issue.

What can be done to fix it:

1.) There shouldn’t be the option to put a 9lb item in an envelope. There needs to be some rules for that, USPS has them, Magento needs them as well.

2.) We need a dimensions option for products that the USPS mod will process.


When I have one large (heavy) item and one small (light) item in my cart, my quote is:

# Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope $ 6.30 <-- Envelope???
# Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box $ 11.30
# Parcel Post $ 18.55
# Priority Mail $ 21.25

Settings for this situation:

Container: Variable
Size: Regular
Machinable: Yes

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