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First Impressions
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Joined:  2007-08-31

I’ve been trying out the extension within Magento (CE and also downloaded the OK Skate! app which is now live on the app store and I’ve got a few initial impressions and questions and wondered if they were shared by others:

1.  Test app - I know from what Tim S has said that they are working on a preview app.  I think this is a necessity really - I just wouldn’t be permitted to submit an app through Magento Mobile knowing that the first time we would see it on a device would be the same time customers saw it.  I’m looking forward to the preview app being available.

2.  On the OK Skate app, it seems that it doesn’t include the high-res iPhone 4 compatible images and icons.  Is this specific to that store or does the app not yet support the dual imagery required?  If not, will this functionality be getting added in?

3.  Security - does the iPhone app drop back to use Webkit/WebUI when it reaches the checkout stage of the app?  I’m guessing it does from the way OK Skate works and the structure of the XML Connect extension.

I know these might be technically pre-sales impressions/questions but it seems Pre-Sales is a public forum and I wasn’t sure whether these questions were appropriate for that forum.


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