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Comeback Coupon
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I have recently reviewed Magento and I am seriously considering moving from our current solution (osCommerce based) to using Magento as the core solution.

However before such a move I would need to add some of the features we are currently using. I am going to add these “missing” features as separate posts to see what people think.

What I would really like to know is:
1. Although I have searched, does anybody know of this or a similar feature being discussed elsewhere?
2. Will the Magento team state whether this or a similar feature will be added to the core solution within the next 6 months?
3. Any comments from the community to improve my suggested feature.


Aim: To entice customer back that leave your site while in the checkout process

Example: On my current sites, if a customer leaves (closes browser / navigates to 3rd party site) while on any of the checkout pages, they would get a popup asking them to come back and offering them a coupon for free shipping.

Suggested Solution: Very simple I guess...adding code to checkout pages that simply opens popup if checkout is not completed.  Perhaps there could be an on/off button in admin and perhaps a way to quickly change the coupon code on offer.  Although I know nothing about it, seems like an interesting alternative to coupons.

Many thanks in anticipation


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