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Go-Live Performance Meltdown…
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Joined:  2008-07-23


After many extremly hard sleepless nights getting our Magento Store ready for launch, the big day finally came.....

And then went faster than a rocket powered car running down a drag strip with the wind behind it!

Within minutes of changing our dns over, we had new vistors reach the new site. Only to have to rollback to the old one in under an hour due to performance issues caused by Magento.

We have two dedicated servers and a load balancer. We have file and database replication in place and yet we still failed to serve twenty users at one time. We have not modified any of the core and cannot work out where all of our resources are being used up!

We are running FastCGI and APC but it is running like a dog! Does anybody have any ideas on how we can tweak the servers? We are working on a new configuration with the hosting company which is going to have a server to handle page requests and a seperate database server to handle the data but I have not read anything implying performance increase so am not overly confident that this is going to fix things.

Is there anybody out there running on dedicated servers, if so, what config are you using, whats the average load time, and how many requests can you handle a second? Our stats are showing 1.2 requests a second which is rediculous (how can you run e-ccomerce business with speed issues like this!)


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