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Pay commissions, prepaid options and diferent menus
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Joined:  2010-08-10

I’m new to Magento and I would like to know if the following things
can be obtained using it:
- I would like to manage a P2P site, sort of an eBay site for selling
music, I would like authors/artist to be able to upload their work and
sell it from within my Magento site. I wont let them upload directly
to the store but to a supervision queue where I will approve or
disaprove the work to be sold online. All items in the store will be
in digital form for download so neither I nor the author will have to
deal any shipping info.

- I want to manage commissions for each author/artist based on every
sale so I want artist to be able to keep track of their earnings and
to withdraw their money via paypal and I want them to be able to edit
their product description from within their account.

-Is it possible to manage different menus on the site. One default
menu for any client and another one with more options like “sales
history” or “your files” for authors/artist when logged into their

-I know some of this options are not available right from Magento but
I would like to know if there is any way for me to program this
features and what would I need to do that?

How hard would it be if possible?

As I told you I’m new to Magento and I only want to know if it will
suite my needs.

Thank you

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