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set defaults for visibility, status, is in stock, and others when importing via dataflow
Claudio Vargas
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2007-12-23

Whenever I import a certain amount of products using a csv file via dataflow after mapping a selection of attributes, I have to re-export (with the products I just added) just to change a couple columns which are set to defaults such as:

visibility -> none;
status -> disabled;
is_in_stock -> 0;

and a few others which I would like to set to defaults, such as catalog, search for visibility or enabled for status, so that then I can re-import and then finally everything looks as expected, but the process itself is not very efficient.

How can I set those and other product attributes to any default value?

In core/mage/catalog/model/product.php and core/mage/catalog/model/product/visibility.php might be the answer but I’m not sure exactly where to make a few changes. Any ideas?

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