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Can’t initialize indexer process - Product Attributes
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Then, I went through each one and re-indexed it whether it needed it or not.

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The Netherland


The hint about duplicate values for a multiselect attribute did it for us. I had written an import-script that imported values to existing products from CSV. But existing values for multiselect attributes were just imported as new values for that multiselect attribute, resulting in this reindexing errors. Besides the point that it is stupid that Magento does not simply check for unique values in a multiselect attribute, we wrote the following script that fixed things for us:

require_once 'app/Mage.php';

$attributes = array('subject''year');
$products Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection();
$products as $product{
$attributes as $attributeName{
$attributeValue)) continue;
$attributeValue explode(','$attributeValue);
$attributeValue array_unique($attributeValue);

$product->getName().": ";
    echo (
$rt) ? 'OK' 'failed';

Make sure to edit the attributes-array.

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For those who are having issues reindexing the product attributes and you know it’s due to the issue with DUPLICATE ENTRIES

First go to the /var/log/exception.log file and go to the bottom. 

you will see the following error

1062 Duplicate entry '2050-180-1-139' for key

The 2050 is the product id, and the number next to it (180) is the attribute ID.  So you will have to probably do some detective work but most likely it will be under the catalog_product_entity_varchar table.  So in launch PHPmyAdmin or MySQL Workbench (what have you) and create a query like so:

SELECT FROM schllib1.catalog_product_entity_varchar where attribute_id 180;

Most of you will have commas seperated values with the same thing… if that is the this

UPDATE schllib1.catalog_product_entity_varchar 
`value` = left(TRIM(REPLACE(`value`,',','')),3)
where attribute_id 180;

Please note, the Attribute ID may vary and please note the LEFT 3 was something that was only for my situation.  That value may be different.  So you will need to find the longest character for it and use that value in replace of that 3.

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