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Edit attributes for multiple products at once
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Hello everybody!
I encountered a problem when I needed to set same attributes for about 100 products. Let’s say, I needed to set up attribute ‘Color’ as ‘Red’ for about 100 toys =)
So, I’ve started to create extension which will help me with this problem. It embeds itself on product page in admin panel as a new tab. It can copy any attribute (or set of attributes) from current product to selected ones. Unfortunately, it still can’t work with images and tables. Just simple values or select values :(.
Also you can setup attributes which will be marked to copy by default.
But all I need for now is your critics smile.
Will this idea live and evolve in full-functioning extension? Does anybody need it? Or it is a piece of junk and there is another great solution?
Till now it works only Magento, not 1.4 :(.
The code is here as well as a couple of screenshots. Try a bite smile

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